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The Elevated Smoothie Guide
My favorite wellness tool to help busy women regulate hormones, stabilize moods, reduce cravings and boost energy levels all day long!
What you’re going to get:
  • Guide to Building Well Balanced Smoothies :
  • Use this formula to swap your current breakfast for one that is going to support balanced blood sugar and give you all day energy!
  • Smoothie Component Breakdown: 
  • This will enable you to confidently make your own creations while avoiding the peaks and valleys of blood sugar that result in sluggishness, brain fog and the dreaded afternoon slump.
  • Tips + Tricks + Special Discounts
  • Strategies to maximize the nutrient density of your smoothies and keep your freezer and pantry well stocked so you can set yourself up for success regardless of your schedule.
  • Go-To Smoothie Recipes to Rotate Each Week:
  • 2 weeks worth of my go-to smoothie blends that you can keep in rotation, or use as inspiration for your own creations.

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